On 28th June, Class 4 spent the day at KEVICC in the company of a host of talented musicians from the Torbay Symphony Orchestra and teachers from SaMMs (Saturday Morning Music School). We joined a couple of other local primary schools to celebrate music projects that we had all been working on with teachers from SaMMs.  Over the course of the day, we had the chance to:  sit next to members of the orchestra and listen and watch as they played; have a go on a huge variety of instruments; perform our own pieces in front of an audience; and add our voices to the orchestra’s rendition of ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ with a song that we had written ourselves.  We even got to play the ‘hose pipe and funnel’. There are definitely more than a few budding musicians in Class 4!

“Our performance of Night Mail was amazing” – Poppy

“It was a really wide range of instruments that I got to see, hear and play. I really liked the French horn and the flute” – Ruby

”Singing with the orchestra was excellent considering we had only a little time to practice” – Leon

“It was incredible to see the speed of the musicians’ fingers when they played the notes – they were so fast!” – Lily

“I thought it was amazing how the instruments blended together and made a really nice tune” – Daisy

“I’m amazed by the people playing the trumpet. I tried to make a sound but it was really, really difficult” – Ray

“I really enjoyed sitting with the musicians and how we got to listen to and play the instruments” – Gracie

“I loved having a go on the trumpet. I’ve never done that before. I might have a go at learning to play it in secondary school” – Ben

“I thought our performances went very well and I really liked listening to the other schools” – Sienna