Welcome to the Totnes Federation of Village Schools.

Our Federation incorporates the four small schools of  Diptford, Harbertonford, Landscove and Stoke Gabriel. All the schools are situated in rural villages around the town of Totnes, set within the beautiful South Hams region of Devon. Whilst the schools operate together and work in partnership under the umbrella of one Governing Body, each school is unique with its own particular character.

Our schools all achieve high academic standards through the provision of an exciting curriculum that makes the most of our beautiful surroundings, a caring, nurturing environment with a family atmosphere, dedicated staff who strive to meet the needs of every child, a culture of high expectations and first rate systems and procedures that ensure we are effective and efficient in all that we do.

By working together, our schools can achieve more for our children than by working alone. We learn together, support each other, share our expertise and ensure we are always up to date, ready to offer the highest standards of teaching and provide exceptional learning opportunities for all our children.

Our schools are vibrant and exciting places to work in, yet our small size enables us to know every child and build strong relationships with each family. All our schools have good reputations built on high standards and a caring ethos, but we are always looking for ways to improve so that we meet the challenges of preparing children for the future.

We maintain excellent links with other larger primary schools in the area and we have close ties with the successful local secondary schools of Ivybridge, South Dartmoor, KEVICC and Kingsbridge as well as with the grammar schools in Torbay and Plymouth.

If you are interested in learning more about our federation, or would like to visit one of our schools, we would be very happy to show you around so that you can meet the children and the staff.

Tony Callcut (Executive Headteacher, Diptford, Landscove, Harbertonford, Stoke Gabriel)