The whole school had an amazing morning on 20th March when we watched the partial eclipse of the sun. The weather was quite overcast and we were a bit worried we wouldn’t see a thing but luckily, the sun broke through the clouds and we were able to see some fantastic views as the moon passed across the sun. We were all careful not to look directly at the sun; fortunately some children brought in special sunglasses and screens. We also had a go at using our pinhole cameras but sadly it wasn’t sunny enough to see a full shadow. However, we all noticed that it got quite dark and cold. Nonetheless, we all got to see the eclipse and watch how the moon covered more and more of the sun until it reached its peak. What an incredible experience!!

DSCN2839 DSCN2842 DSCN2846 DSCN2850 DSCN2752 DSCN2747 DSCN2763 DSCN2766