Red Nose Day – 12th March 2015

What a super day! Thank you to everyone who brought in money for mufti, cakes and for pinning the red nose on Mrs Ryder. We had some very creative outfits including all red costumes and minions from Despicable Me!







Dear Parents

Hello there, yes it’s Mrs Stuart and School Council again! With World Book Day done and dusted we move on to Comic Relief! Firstly you may notice we have opted for Thursday instead of Friday. This is because Key stage 1 are swimming in the morning and we have our Mothering Friday service in the afternoon so felt Thursday a better option. We are aware that Class 4 are out of school on a visit but thought they could possibly still take part on the Friday if they so wish.

So what’s it all about? Well…This Red Nose Day, we want you to make your face funny for money. If you’ve got a face, make it funny and make a real difference. In addition our School Council thought a red themed dress up day could be fun too! Please bring 50p to take part.

As always popular we thought we would have a Comic relief cake sale. So with Red noses/funny faces in mind please save a little time for some creative cooking! Bring to school with you on Thursday morning along with some pennies and we will hold the cake sale at playtime to help boost funds!

Another super idea from our School council was a fun game they named ‘Stick the red nose on Mrs Ryder!’ It’s a little like pin the tail on the donkey with prizes to be won if the red nose ends up in the right place! 20p a go.

Hopefully we all know and realise just how important it is to support this fabulous charity. With your generosity Comic relief are able to fund fantastic projects that really do change people’s lives both in Africa and right here in the UK. And best of all this year, the UK government is going to double the money raised by UK schools.

Many thanks for your continued support

Kirsty Stuart and our School Council