Mission statement

Together we’re reaching new heights,

Inspiring a love of life and learning

Within a nurturing Christian environment


Our Vision

We are a school that is built on success stories; some big, some small, some public but most private. The message is simply that we want all the children to feel the warm glow of success and be motivated individuals who are constantly striving to do exceptional things.

We aim to provide an education enriched by our Christian traditions; Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity. Our learners will be given opportunities to become independent, collaborative, creative learners who have the confidence to seek wisdom and nurture a love of learning.  Our small school provides big opportunities to broaden learners’ horizons and prepare them for the fullness of life, through hope, aspiration and our core Christian values.  We focus on relationships and learning to live well in a wider community that can flourish together.  Central to children’s learning is respecting the worth, dignity and preciousness of each person in a safe and inclusive environment within the sight and love of God.


Our ethos is summed up by our encouragement and modelling of the following six words, shown in the photograph above:

Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Forgiveness, Trust, Empathy

This photograph shows our values banner which hangs in our school hall, reminding us of the six core values upon which the spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of our pupils is based. We have developed a framework of 18 values to support and nurture the children in their development at Landscove, these are grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ, but can also said to be the values of other faiths that have their own stories to tell.

As a school we aim to demonstrate what these values may look like when practised in a community. Parents, teachers, pupils and others can see that courage, hope, peace, forgiveness, trust, compassion etc are indispensable to human flourishing.

We hope to encourage our pupils to act compassionately and wisely as members of a community that holds to particular values and hope that you will encourage and support us in this aim. With this in mind, we have outlined the values we will be focusing on this term, together with a Home School Values resource to enable you to explore each value further through activities designed to stimulate discussion and reflection, we hope you find this useful.

Each fortnight, we focus on a specific value in collective worship. Click on the link for each value for ideas on sharing ideas about it at home, including stories, facts and fun activities.

In the Autumn Term we will cover:







In the Spring Term we will cover:







In the Summer term we will cover:






Each Friday we award the Courtesy Cup to a pupil who has demonstrated through their behaviour and actions, that they are living out the values of our school, here is one proud winner!

We meet daily for an act of collective worship, which provides a major opportunity to express the Christian ethos of the school community.Caring relationships, vision and values all play a part in this important daily celebration of all that is of supreme worth to the school community. The fantastic Open the Book team visit us fortnightly to dramatise bible stories for us and twice each half term our year six ambassadors led our Out of the Box act of worship.

Here are some photos of the Open Book team in action!

St Matthew’s Church

We are extremely lucky to be right next door to the delightful church of St Matthew’s. This provides us with a lovely setting for some of our Collective Worship as well as festival gatherings, for example Harvest Festival and Carol Service, plus our Landscove School traditions of Mothering Friday, Leavers Assembly and of course our KS1 Nativity and KS2 Christmas production. We are also fortunate to have the excellent Reverend Tom Benson who takes regular Collective Worship at our school and also leads our worship at church celebrations. Using this lovely church also provides opportunities to link with the local community who are invited to join us at our festivals, Christingle Service and Christmas production dress rehearsals!