On 22nd February, the first Link Academy Writers’ Day was held at Landscove Schoolhouse.  Children from the Totnes and Newton & Teign hubs came together with the sole aim of immersing themselves in writing for the day.
After a chance to get to know each other with a fun ice-breaker, we all went off for a stroll around Landscove village, looking for inspiration in the ordinary and extraordinary sights around the village.  The tree with the hollow trunk on the village green became a portal into a time travelling adventure, the island on the fishing lake at a local farm became a volcano waiting to erupt, beehives were homes for pixies and molehills on the grass suddenly took on a sinister edge when you realised that you might be sucked down into a vortex if you trod on the ‘wrong’ one!  What lively imaginations our kids have! We couldn’t wait to get back and get started on the stories.
After lunch, we sat round the fire and enjoyed sharing some stories from past winners of the BBC Radio 2 “500 Words” competition and thought about how we could hold a similar competition within our schools…. watch this space!
Miss Graves and Ms Clarke had a great time getting to know and spend time with all these wonderful children and it looks like they had a pretty good time too…
“My favourite part of the day was when we read the stories near the fire” – Callum (Bearnes)
“I really enjoyed writing with different people and making new friends. I loved getting inspiration around my village” – Megan (Landscove)
“I really liked it because I could let my imagination run wild” – Paul (Bearnes)
“I like the time given to write stories and meeting new people” – Milly (Harbertonford)
“I loved how we used things outside and our imagination to plan and write our stories” – Summer (Diptford)
And the final word goes to Thomas (from Stoke Gabriel), who said: “I liked everything about today – there is nothing I would change!”
Here is the opening lines from just one of our young authors, Matilda (Hennock), who found her inspiration in a bench on the village green:
The Flower Bench
It was one of those days when you feel like you’ve gone back in time to yesterday. One of those days when everything is the same; the grass is the same bright green, the trees have almost exactly the same number of leaves on them and the same lady is sat on the same bench.
Don’t you just want to know what happens next?
We really hope that these talented young people remain inspired and…. KEEP WRITING!