Welcome to Class 3: years 3 and 4. The class is taught by Mrs Woods on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday morning and Mrs Smart on Wednesday afternoon, Thursdays and Fridays.

We like to base  as much of our learning as we can around a range of topics from the Romans to the Rainforests. As well as our lessons in class, we use every opportunity to make the most of our wonderful outdoor resources to help us learn and have new experiences.

We hope you enjoy seeing all of the wonderful things we get up to this year!

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ROMAN DAY 16th October 2018

This term Class 3 have been learning about the Roman invasion of Britain. To support our learning, we travelled back almost 2 thousand years to become part of the Dumonii tribe of Devon, learning what life was like then. A Roman soldier visited us, trying to convince us to accept Roman rule and teaching us about the impact the Romans had on Britain. We looked at, touched and smelled(pungent fish sauce!) many artefacts from the time. The afternoon was action packed. Firstly, we used the Roman soldier’s bow and arrow then had a go at slingshot. The culmination of the day, after training to be Roman soldiers marching with our shields, was a mock battle with parents where children and adults enthusiastically bombarded plastic balls at each other. I don’t know who enjoyed it more – parents or children!



A massive ‘well done’ to our squad – you all worked extremely hard – excellent players!

Rory, Caitlin, George K, Evie, Patrick, George C

Class 3 visited Buckfast Abbey to find out about how it prepares for Christmas – they even spoke to a monk and asked LOTS of questions!

Roman Day

On Monday 16th January Class 3 were transported back in time to AD49 and transformed into the Dumnonii tribe: they looked amazing! We were then visited by a Roman soldier who tried to convince us to accept Roman rule. He shared lots of great replicas and artefacts with us and taught us about Roman life.  Our day culminated in an afternoon of vigorous training in Roman invasion tactics and a mock battle!

The Roman soldier commented on their superb behaviour, knowledge and impressive outfits. We are so proud of the children.