This year at Landscove we are aiming to become an Eco School. We have an Eco Committee that are involved in lots of exciting activities that have looking after the environment at the heart of them. Our action plan has a different focus each half term. We meet regularly to talk about and review the projects we are working on!

So far, we have been focusing on improving the school grounds and saving energy by being part of ‘Switch Off Fortnight’.

Clear Up Day 7th October 17~ Thank you to everyone who came to help improve the school grounds~ children, parents and staff. A real team effort.  By writing letters to local garden centres the Eco committee have successfully secured donations of plants that we are in the process of planting out. Lloyd Stone has kindly repaired and replaced the fencing around the flower beds in the lower playground and the whole area is looking much tidier and more cared for.

Switch Off Fortnight November 17 ~ The Eco Committee led a presentation to get the school community geared up for Switch Off Fortnight.  (20/11-3/12) They raised awareness of how this is important in terms of saving the school money but also in terms of looking after the environment. Audits the older members of the committee carried out indicated that, we did indeed save money during the fortnight. Hopefully we are all now in the habit of turning things off if they are not being used!

The Spring term sees us having a nature focus ~ including carrying out the RSPB’s Big Bird Watch