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Harvest Festival

A fabulous harvest display greeted us as we entered church for our annual Harvest Festival. This year was a bit different though, with children sharing their art work, drama and reflections from their FAB (Faith and Beliefs) Harvest workshops. The vertical grouping was positively received by parents, who also said ...."it felt fresh and different"....."uplifting"....."heart [...]

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Hi-5 Netball Festival

Class 4 have had a great time today, polishing our netball skills and learning new techniques at a sports partnership Hi-5 netball festival at KEVICC. We really enjoyed ourselves and made loads of new friends from other schools around Totnes.

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Playground Clear Up Day

Playground Clear Up Day 2017 A great big thank you to all the children, parents and staff who helped to transform the back playground on Saturday. It was great to see so many of the eco-committee children there, thank you to their parents for getting them there (and staying to help). Wow- what a [...]

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FAB (Faiths and Beliefs) Harvest Day!

This really did live up to its name, with children fully engaging with the four workshops. They demonstrated a great ability to work together, with the older ones supporting the younger ones and a creative time was had by all. Here are some comments reflecting thoughts about each workshop.... “I enjoyed all of it because [...]

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Places Available

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Open Day

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Class 1 & 2’s lovely visit to Riverford Field Kitchen!

We had a wonderful time creating our own pizzas, harvesting fruit and salad in the poly tunnels, spotting bugs in the garden, making clay creatures and finally, eating our tasty pizzas!​

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SALS Shoes

SALS SHOES : FOLS members and the staff would like the children to support this charity at the end of this term ~ please read on to find out about this charity who want to make foreign aid work in the best way possible. “SALS SHOES: there are 300 million children in the world for [...]

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Tea party thanks!

What a fabulous and touching plan to treat the staff to an afternoon tea with all the trimmings! Yr 6 children assisted in the set up of the beautiful table and the serving of drinks, (having previously designed and written invitations to the staff.) Particular thanks to Christine and Saskia who know it moved staff [...]

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Wider Opportunities Music Day

On 28th June, Class 4 spent the day at KEVICC in the company of a host of talented musicians from the Torbay Symphony Orchestra and teachers from SaMMs (Saturday Morning Music School). We joined a couple of other local primary schools to celebrate music projects that we had all been working on with teachers from [...]

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